Insights From Your Favourite Construction Company In Donnybrook 

[Copy] If you are planning on building your first home in Donnybrook or Box Hill, we offered an “easing in” guideline, from a construction company’s point of view in our helpful article [enter a hyperlink to ‘First Steps For Your First Home With A Custom Home Builder In Box Hill’ article]


To help you further work through the decision process on building a custom home, here are some pros and cons from our construction company in Donnybrook.


The Pros Of Building New Or Off Plan


There is no silver bullet answer as it is highly subject to personal circumstances and preferences. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of building a custom home:




● What you want – Building new or off-plan gives you a personalised home instead of trawling through endless open houses that are not quite right or just downright horrific. By building, you quickly get what you want, where you want, and it perfectly matches your lifestyle. 


 Your budget: House prices have soared but, as of December 2019, statistics show home construction costs have only increased 59% in 15 years. The cost of building is likely to be less than buying.


 Tax factors: New builds have reduced stamp duty, and some qualify for grants. Check out what grants and concessions are available in your state.  


● Environmentally friendly – New builds offer far better energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials and techniques.


 Contemporary design: You can incorporate the latest techniques and eco-friendly appliances and easily make a smart home with integrated technology. 


 Maintenance reduction: A new building won’t need maintenance for some years and come with warranties and guarantees.




● Time – Building requires time, and unexpected delays can hit construction. You will need patience. Most projects take six months to a year, while some larger custom designs will take longer. It is time-consuming to get permits, see out construction, review the property, and settle. Off-the-plan builds tend to be quicker as much of the documentation is already in place.


 Hidden costs: Cost overruns are a risk, especially if you have unwittingly overlooked some needs in your preparation, e.g. an unplanned driveway or unbudgeted landscaping.


 Location: Package deals are usually available from housing estate projects. These housing estate projects are primarily located far outside of the boundaries of the CBD due to their size. The estates often comprise batches of 250 homes built in phases, thus creating a new little village. The challenge comes if you are buying into the beginning phases of the project. At that stage, the promised public transport, schools, and other amenities may not have been established yet, so you may not have access to transportation and amenities for a few years.


Feel free to call our team of master builders for any help you need from the preferred Box Hill or Donnybrook building company.